General dentistry

Extraction £85
Surgical extraction £375
Root canal treatment £99 / root

Restorative dentistry

Swiss BCS/KOS implants £690
Porcelain fused to metal crown £239
Metal free Zirconium / E-max crown £399

Pricing factors you must be aware before choosing any dentistry

What you must be aware before choosing ANY dentistry

If you've been researching dental implants and dental tourism, you're probably wondering why there's such a wide range in cost. Some would think it would be perfectly reasonable to choose a dentist based on price alone. But to make an informed decision, there are a number of factors you need to consider. These can all have a big impact on price as well as the outcome of the procedure and your long-term satisfaction and most importantly, your overall health.

It may sound like a lot of things to look for, but investing some time into finding the right dentist is worth it, even if it means a higher cost, as long as it avoids you having to invest in repair work in the future, or suffering irreversible side effects from misplaced implants.

Conventional implants

Factor #1
Suitable system

There are various implant systems available for people seeking full jaw restoration. But besides their price tag there are major differences between them and the chosen implant system needs to be the best suitable for your own case. There are may factors your implant specialist needs to be aware, such as your gum health, jaw conformation and space for the implants, sinuses and nerves in relation to the ideal placement of the implant, bone structure and quality.

By thoroughly considering all of these factors (and many more) our implant specialists drawing upon the wide range of available implant systems (All-on-4, Swiss 5-day implant system, Fast&Fixed) will provide you with the solution best suited to you.

Conventional implants

Factor #2
Education level & experience

The experience of the implantologist is the key to minimise the risk of complications, to ensure that the implant placement is perfect and doesn’t cause discomfort or pain, and that it is going to last, so you don’t have to have the procedure redone.

All of our implant specialists have Master's Degree in Oral Implantology and they also have at least 15 years’ extensive practical experience since they treat patients with wide variety of complex dental issues.

Conventional implants

Factor #3
High quality materials

When you decide to go for full jaw restoration you want your dental problems to be sorted out for a lifetime. Since quality of the used materials greatly affects the stability and longevity of your implants we only use branded implants from the most reputable manufacturers like NobelBiocare (Swedish), BCS/KOS (Swiss) and Bredent (German). This allows us to give our patients 5 years to lifetime warranty.

Top quality materials in combination with the strict health regulations of Hungary - which is one of the most strict in the EU - guarantees you a high quality treatment and avoid problems later on.

Conventional implants

Factor #4
Aftercare & check-ups

Regardless of the implant system or clinic you choose, check-ups are strongly recommended at least once a year.

To save you the expense and inconvenience of trips back to Hungary, aftercare and check-ups are held in our London clinic by our implantologists.

Conventional implants

Factor #5
Ratings and reviews

It is useful to see what previous patients say, what ratings, reviews and feedback the clinic has received, how dedicated their customer service is and how engaged they are with patients outside the chair. From these, we can see what to expect throughout the whole treatment process.

Tibor Dental has over 940 excellent reviews from our patients and 27 awards and recognitions from multiple reputable independent organizations since 2005. See our awards »

You can save up to 70%

Hungary - while having highly-trained and experienced dentists, and very strict health regulations - is one of the cheapest countries inside the EU. As wages, insurance fees, or clinic support charges are low in Hungary it is possible to give high quality dental services at an acceptable price.


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