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Why might you need implants?

Regardless of how many teeth you are missing, implants offer a permanent means of replacing them, improving chewing ability, boosting self-esteem and much more besides. Even if you’ve been refused implant treatment in the past, our implant specialists drawing upon the range of available implant systems will provide you with the solution best suited to you.

Just some of the problems we have the solution to


Receive permanent fixed teeth regardless of how long you've been wearing dentures.


You can still benefit even if you've previously been refused implant treatment.


IV sedation eliminates fear and anxiety before and during treatment.


These conditions don't necessarily preclude you from receiving treatment.

How is it possible?

The science behind the treatment

Conventional implants (e.g. Implant Direct)

Conventional implants are usually fixed in spongy bone. When bone starts to recede, spongy bone is the first part of the bone which is affected, which results in it being insufficient to support conventional implants.

Bi-cortical (e.g. BCS) systems

Bi-cortical implants usually employ thinner and longer implants inserted into the layer of hard bone beyond the spongy bone, which layer is still strong enough in most people to support implants even for those with insufficient spongy bone.

A life changing smile you can afford

Savings of 70% in Hungary in comparison to UK competitors even if you have no teeth at all.

State of the art clinics, highly qualified and experienced implantologysts.

Award winning company with more than 10 years' experience in dental tourism.

A personal consultation at our partner clinic in London and 3D animated treatment plan.

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