DENTAL IMPLANT SYSTEMS Permanent teeth in just 5 days


Permanent teeth in just 5 days

How does these systems benefit you?

Tibor Dental has specialised in 5-day immediate loaded full jaw restorations since 2005. Our implantologists work with a variety of the world's most reputable implant systems to find the one that's right for you even if you have severely atrophied jaw bones and bone recession.

There are many differences between the implant systems we provide, including the type and size of the implants, the insertion technique and the prosthetic procedure, but the fundamental features are the same. So let's see what they are:

In order to place the crown or bridge on the implants, the inserted implant must reach a sufficient level of stability in the bone. Immediate loaded implants are inserted into the layer of hard bone beyond the spongy bone, as illustrated. This layer of hard bone provides an immediate, stable foundation for the crowns, bridges, while the implants gradually fuse together with the spongy bone. Conventional implants vs. Swiss implant system

Conventional implants are usually fixed in spongy bone, so generally it does not achieve the stability needed to place the teeth immediately. Due to its very nature, spongy bone requires 3 to 6 months in order to fuse together with implants to provide a stable foundation for new teeth. Conventional implants vs. Swiss implant system

All-on-4© dental implant system

The All-on-4©
implant system

from the world's No.1 implant company

The All-on-4© technique has been specifically designed by Nobel Biocare to utilise a unique type of implant which can receive biting and chewing loads and pressure immediately. They not only look and feel completely natural, but provide you with a beautiful, confident smile.

All-on-4© implants, inserted at the front of a healthy jaw bone, can be loaded immediately with a temporary fixed dentures and you can live and eat perfectly comfortably.

Following the healing period (4-6 months) - without any need for further surgery - the temporary fixed dentures is removed and a 12 unit bridge is created within 5 days.

All-on-4 dental implant system

Fast & Fixed™ dental implant system

The Fast&Fixed™
implant system

engineered by German specialists

The SKY Fast & Fixed™ treatment from Bredent Medical provides excellent primary stability for the implant and enables the dentist to use a surgical protocol suitable for achieving stable implants, regardless of the patient’s bone density.

The implantation process is very similar to the All-on-4 treatment described above.

The Fast&Fixed™ implant system

Swiss 5-day implant system

The Swiss 5-day
implant system

for those who can't have conventional implants

Swiss 5-day implant system employ thinner and longer implants inserted into the layer of hard bone beyond the spongy bone, which layer is still strong enough in most people to support implants even for those with insufficient spongy bone. These types of implants are popularly and successfully used when patients have been refused conventional implants.

Conventional implants vs. Swiss 5 day implants


In cases of bone recession (due to diabetes or the menopause, for example) it is mostly the spongy bone which recedes and as conventional implants are fixed in spongy bone, bone recession renders their installation impossible. Swiss implants are fixed in the layer of hard bone beyond the spongy bone and as a result are not soley dependent on spongy bone for their stability.


Receive permanent fixed teeth regardless of how long you've been wearing dentures.


You can still benefit even if you've previously been refused implant treatment.


IV sedation eliminates fear and anxiety before and during treatment.


These conditions don't necessarily preclude you from receiving treatment.

These types of minimally invasive implant surgeries are largely pain free methods.

In essence, instead of creating several incisions in the patient’s gums, the surgeon uses a circular punch to create a hole in the patient’s gum tissue into which a titanium bolt (artificial tooth root) is placed and screwed directly into the jawbone, providing a strong and stable support for a bridge for new teeth.

The patient has a local anaesthetic or IV (conscious) sedation and in the vast majority of cases no additional pain medication is necessary.

There is no need to endure a lengthy recovery period as your new teeth will be installed in just 5 days!

Dental implants dramatically improve chewing ability and facial appearance, while our patients also talk about how they enhance their quality of life and boost self-confidence!


The sinus is located above the pre-molar and molar teeth. The bone in the area below the sinus is relatively thin in normal circumstances and so people suffering from bone recession in this area are unable to receive implants without a sinus lift and bone graft, which involves raising the sinus membrane and grafting bone onto existing bone, as illustrated (below, left).

Immediate loaded implants, as can be seen in the illustration (below, right), can be fitted at an angle of up to 30 degrees, thereby avoiding the sinus area and the need for a sinus lift and bone graft.

Implant and sinus liftSinus lift and bone graft with conventional implants

Swiss 5 day implantsAvoiding the sinus area with Swiss implants

Conventional vs. Immediate Loading
Implant Systems

Immediate loading implants Conventional implants
Additional Surgery No sinus lift or bone graft Sinus lift and bone graft often required
Healing time No healing time required 3 to 12 months healing time
Cost By avoiding the above procedures you pay less Additional surgery and planning make treatment more expensive
Treatment time Permanent teeth in 5 days Permanent teeth in 3-12 months
Eligibility Difficult and "hopeless" case can be treated. Diabetic patients, smokers and patients with severe gum disease are treated with equal success. Many patients cannot have implants. Diabetic patients, smokers and patients with severe gum disease are not treated with equal success.


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All-on-4 dental implant system - before and after
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